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I'm often asked to provide a cost and process breakdown for creating animation with Adobe Character Animator.  Here are my notes which will be updated as I learn more.

Goal: Create a 2-3 minute long animation with multiple characters.

First, we start with the idea.  We need to answer the following questions.

  • What is the story or purpose of this animation?

  • Who are the characters?  What personality types?  Can you provide examples?  What do they look like?


Character Development.  Typically costs $300 per character depending on complexity.  $300 is the base cost for a character only shown in the quarter view.  We can define a number of iterations that will be factored into the cost.

  • Quick sketches of the characters until we arrive at the perfect design.

  • What actions do the characters need to perform?

  • Will we see the character from multiple views?  Will we need a "turn around"  like this?


Character Creation and rigging. 

At this stage a create a final high-resolution image in multiple pieces for rigging in Character Animator.  The base cost is $600 for a character with the following.

  • A single view, typically a quarter view.

  • A mouth set capable of smooth lip-sync.  One emotional state.

  • An eye set with happy, neutral, sad, and angry emotions and smooth blinks.

  • Draggable arms.

  • 4-5 hand poses.

  • Other little touches as required.

Potential additions to the character

  • Multiple mouth sets for a more robust range of emotion.

  • Multiple character views.

  • The ability to walk procedurally.

  • Various extras like dynamics.

  • Please note that Character Animator is a camera-based animation system.  The characters are not fully rigged as puppets in the respect that leg poses, body bending, and other perspective changes require additional drawing.  A procedural walk system is built-in, but additional work is needed to provide that behavior.


  • I currently produce 1 minute of animation every 3 hours depending on complexity.  My rate is around $250 per minute of animation.

  • To begin animation we will need a complete script and voice-over.  I can assist with talent.

  • Iteration is expected and a limited number of iterations would be factored into my quote.


At this stage, we bring everything together.  

  • We will need backgrounds that I can provide.

  • Comping a final video.  This is where I bring all the elements together for a final render.

  • Will we need music?

  • Will any of the shots require visual effects like lightning?

  • What about props in the scene?  Do the characters interact with these props?

  • Previews, rendering, and final delivery of the finished animation.

One of the major strengths of Character Animator is the ability to connect with your audience live.  The puppets I create can be controlled in a live environment.  All the content created in the following video was produced in a live broadcast.