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Use these Character Animator puppets In Your Project!  Click an image to download.  Requires Adobe Character Animator.  Only $5 each.

Download These


Scene - Pewdiepie_01.00.png
Character Animator Dizzy.gif

Free Character Animator Puppets

Scene - Fuzzy.000.png

Commission a custom CH Puppet

Base Package $600

For one low price you get the following.

  • A two hour concept stream where I will design your character live while you provide feedback.

  • Complete source art you can use as you like.

  • A base level puppet to use in your stream, explainer video, or anywhere.

The base puppet includes.

  • A head and body done in a simple style.

  • Draggable arms.

  • A full mouth set.

  • Eyes and blinks.

Check out the examples below.

I'm also selling on fiverr for your convenience.

Looking for something more complex?  Fill out the form on the quote page. 

Check out more examples on https://www.youtube.com/c/grifnmore


Feel free to catch a Twitch Stream where I make cool things.  https://www.twitch.tv/grif_n_more

Yar!  The customizable Pirate is ready.

For only $5 you are supporting continued development.