Aren’t kids great?  For a geeky gamer like myself, I tend to look at them as noobs in an MMO wearing starting armor with zero skills.  Now if you’re a non-toxic player you might feel inclined to help them out right?  You want them to enjoy the game and would hate to see them rage out and create bad time for themselves or other players.  So whats the best way to help a new player get accustomed to the game?  Honestly, I’m not sure I understand the game well enough to answer that question, but I sure would like to find some answers.  So I ask you to join my family and me in this epic quest for truth!  We shall seek the questions and the answers together while embarking on a tale of heroics, comedy adventure, and danger.

Ok seriously though.  All game analogies aside, as a father of three, an artist and game designer, and ponderer of life’s mysteries, I decided to start a blog and a YouTube channel as a way of engaging with my children and all of my fellow adventurers out there.  Yes…  I’m talking about you.  I entreat you to join us as we go through the process of creating animations, games, videos, and generous amounts of plot twists and story arcs.  Perhaps together we will attain max level master several skill trees, and score some sweet loot.

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